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Teague Pilates has been manufacturing hand crafted classical Pilates equipment in the USA since 1996.
Adhering to the Classical Pilates method of exercise, Teague has maintained the development of Joseph
Pilates' original equipment design using the latest state of the art technology.

From the beginning Teague Pilates has proudly made their equipment for student and teacher comfort, traditional Pilates workouts and un-distracted focus. A repertoire of over 500 classical Pilates exercises can be performed on the Teague Pilates Universal Reformer, Cadillac, High Barrel, Spine Corrector, Low Chair, Arm Chair, Mat, and the Pedi Pole. All of which are the genius apparatus that Joseph Pilates engineered and developed over his life time.

In addition to a fine line of Pilates equipment, the Teague Pilates Teacher Training Institute  provides in-depth study of the use of the equipment for whole body movement that produces extraordinary changes in alignment, coordination, strength, flexibility, balance, control, performance, body awareness and well being. We are committed to the preservation of the classical form which embodies smooth transitions that flow with tempo and rhythm for an aerobic workout that promotes better breathing, circulation, oxygenation, uniform body development and a balanced body from the inside out.



INTRODUCING THE NEW HIDE-A-WAY REFORMERWhether in a small apartment...

 The bridge from no pain, no gain workout to Pilates.



NEw! Pilates equipment for sale.