Teague Pilates Equipment
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  The Traditional Pilates Method

Teague Pilates has been manufacturing Pilates equipment since 1996. Adhering to the Classical Pilates method of exercise, Teague has maintained the development of Joseph’s original equipment design using the latest state of the art technology.

Back to its Classical Design and Roots

Teague Pilates has actively promoted the Classic Pilates method of exercise, taking Pilates back to its roots. Since the beginning, Teague has proudly made their equipment for student and teacher comfort, traditional workout and undistracted focus. In addition to a fine line of Pilates equipment, student can further their education through the Teague Pilates Institute workshops and Certification programs.

Our Goal

Teague Pilates goal is to build the finest classical Pilates equipment on the market, keeping Pilates true to its original form, and providing quality equipment at affordable prices. With this in mind, Teague uses the latest technology in the development of Pilates equipment and offers a large selection of parts and accessories.