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Classic Cadillac

Standard Push Through Bar
Custom Push Through Bar w/ Hand Grip
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Size (L x W x H)
86" X 30" X 81"
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Our Classic Cadillac (Trapeze) frame is mae of 6 qtr. Hardwoods (Beech, Maple, and Alder, as available). Hardwoods have 2 coats of VOC free non-toxic clear finish. Its 80 gage polished aluminum frame provides strength and durability for advanced Cadillac exercises. The full Classic Pilates exercise spectrum can be performed on this magnificent machine. From the gentle roll down, to the advanced squirrel, you can get a full body workout with the Cadillac. The Cadillac exercises are designed to improve flexibility and alignment. Its head to toe workout will build strength, coordination and endurance. Specializing in alignment, flexibility, spinal articulation and joint mobility, the Cadillac gives you a long, lean, muscular look. Exercises on the Cadillac can be modified for the beginner to the most advance student. The Cadillac can be used for all Pilates Mat Work and numerous other Pilates exercises as well as a massage table. Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Hardwood Frame Measurements: 86" long 30" wide 21.5" high (add 2.5" for mats) a total of 81" from the floor to the top of the mat. The mat is padded with medium foam and upholstered with Alpine Vinyl. Standard colors come in Black and Ivory; however there are 48 other optional colors to choose from. All internal parts, including the long and short bars are made of strong, buffed 80 gage aluminum. Metal frames are held by high quality Leg Flange connectors.
  • Adjustable Trapeze System. Hanging trapeze with chain/spring and connected with snap on hooks make it easy to attach and remove. The trapeze slides along the long bars on plastic sleeve bushings, allowing for a smooth exercise adjustment. Modified Cross connectors with butterfly tie down knobs also accommodate easy adjustment. Springs are covered with matching Vinyl foot protector covers.
  • Padded Trapeze Foot Plate with ankle strap.
  • Hanging Fuzzies with two Heavy duty cotton webbed foot loops wrapped with genuine sheep skin covers.
  • Roll Down Bar with end connectors allow full hand placement. The Roll Down Bar comes with two light arm springs attached with snap hooks for easy removal and adjustment.
  • Two Leg Springs, Two Cotton Webbed Foot Loops, and snap on hooks provide easy adjustment and foot loop removal.
  • Push Through Bar made of beech hardwood uprights and braces. Comes with spring from above and spring from below and snap on hook.
  • Safety strap w/ snap hooks on each end.
  • One Safety Chain w/ snap hooks on each end.
  • Ankle/Foot Strap made of heavy cotton webbing with two D rings and connectors. Connects to the back end of the frame.
Use and Maintenance

Teague Pilates Equipment is designed for the Classic Pilates method. It is recommended that it be used for the Classic Pilates method of exercise and that anyone using the equipment be supervised by a qualified Pilates Teacher. Improper use of the equipment can cause serious injury. It is the owner’s responsibility to keep this equipment in safe working condition and to make sure that anyone using the equipment has been properly trained to do so. The warranty of this equipment is only good for the original owner. The owner of this equipment is responsible for unsupervised use which results in injury regardless of transferred ownership or equipment location.