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Ladder Barrel


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Size (L x W x H)
48L X 23W x 36H
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Ladder Barrel w/ Vertical-Horizontal Foot Rest

Light Weight Ladder Barrel also available as 48" L, 20" W, and 36” H

The Ladder Barrel should be in every Studio. Made with 6qtr. (1-1/4" X 3") Hardwood base and uprights and 1" side panels, the Ladder Barrel is designed for flexibility and core development. The Ladder Barrel is one piece of apparatus that student and teacher alike use and enjoy on a regular basis. Stretching is a regular part of your Pilates workout regardless of the style Pilates you practice.


  • Measures 48 " long, 23" wide, and 36" high.
  • Made of 1" Maple sides and Beech hardwood uprights and base for long lasting durability.
  • Barrel adjusts up to 10" each direction on oval wheels for a smooth adjustment and tie down with butterfly knobs and have easy access on the outside of the barrel.
  • Barrel and L-shaped foot rest..
  • Four sanded and finished dowels with the top dowel extending through the uprights and the lowest padded for foot comfort.
  • Uprights and Base are held in firm position with double metal braces.


Vertical-Horizontal Foot Stand are removable. ($220.00 value included in price)

Use and Maintenance

Teague Pilates Equipment is designed for the Classic Pilates method. It is recommended that it be used for the Classic Pilates method of exercise and that anyone using the equipment be supervised by a qualified Pilates Teacher. Improper use of the equipment can cause serious injury. It is the owner’s responsibility to keep this equipment in safe working condition and to make sure that anyone using the equipment has been properly trained to do so. The warranty of this equipment is only good for the original owner. The owner of this equipment is responsible for unsupervised use which results in injury regardless of transferred ownership or equipment location.