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Deluxe Wallunit

Standard Push Through Bar
Custom Push Through Bar w/ Hand Grip

Foot Rests


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The Deluxe Wallunit (Half Trap) provides approximately 75% of the exercises done on the Cadillac. Exercises include, standing, sitting, lying, kneeling exercises, plus all the mat exercises can be done on this multipurpose machine. Studios often purchase 8 mats with 4 Wallunits which allow them to interchange from large mat classes to small group Wallunit classes utilizing the same floor space.

The Deluxe Wallunit is 28" wide, 79" high, and stands 25" from the wall giving the push through bar full swing. The Mat is 26" wide, 84" long, and 5" high. The aluminum frame mounts to the wall board with wall flanges attached to a 3/4" finished hardwood board. The board attaches to the wall with screws to the wood studs or toggle bolts to the drywall finish. A 3/4" finished hardwood board attaches to the floor with red head bolts or lag screw depending on the specific floor.

  • Push Through Bar made of beach hardwood, and comes with two heavy springs, safety strap and chain, and Vinyl mat protector.
  • Roll Down Bar has two light springs that attach with double end snap hooks. The bar allows full hand placement.
  • Two Leg Springs with foot loops and connecting hardware.
  • 16 eye hooks for multiple spring attachment.
  • Mat is padded with one inch medium foam.
  • Foot and ankle strap.
  • Two padded Foot rest measure 5" high, 7" wide, and 12" long comes with the order.
Use and Maintenance

Teague Pilates Equipment is designed for the Classic Pilates method. It is recommended that it be used for the Classic Pilates method of exercise and that anyone using the equipment be supervised by a qualified Pilates Teacher. Improper use of the equipment can cause serious injury. It is the owner’s responsibility to keep this equipment in safe working condition and to make sure that anyone using the equipment has been properly trained to do so. The warranty of this equipment is only good for the original owner. The owner of this equipment is responsible for unsupervised use which results in injury regardless of transferred ownership or equipment location.